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Cut List 2020

Beef Cuts

Lean Ground Beef
Not as Lean Ground Beef (Seasonal) Cowboy Ribeye
Short Ribs
NY Strip
Top and Bottom Sirloin Steak Tenderloin (Miniature Chateaubriand)
Flank Steak (Limited Availability) Loin-Tip Roast
Rump Roast (Bone-In, Boneless) Chuck Roast (7-bone)
Stew Meat
Boneless Brisket
Sliced Liver
Beef Bones
Hanger Steak
Skirt Steak
Burger Patties (Seasonal)

Chicken Cuts

Whole Chicken
Boneless/Skinless Breast
Leg Quarters (Thigh and Drum) Wings
Heart and Liver
Chicken Feet and Bones for Stock


Brown Eggs 

Pork Cuts

Rib/End, Loin Chops (Bone-In)
Sirloin-Cut Pork Roast
Whole/Split Hams (Cured and Smoked)
Bacon (Cured and Smoked)
Jowls (Cured and Smoked) by Request ONLY
Hocks (Cured and Smoked)
Osso Bucco Hocks
Spare Ribs (St. Louis Style)
Pan/Breakfast Sausage (Mild)
Italian Sausage Links
Smoked Sausage Links
Jalapeno Links
Chorizo Links
Knackwurst Links 
Smoked and Cured Bratwurst Links
Shoulder Roast/Boston Butt
Ground Pork